Rarity: Some say the best part of a music festival is the music. But to me, it's fashion!
Applejack: An old pair of cowboy boots will keep you from steppin' in a pile of... uh... fashion emergency.
[pig oinks]
Fluttershy: If you've got hang-ups with hangers, look for style right outside your window.
[birds chirping]
Rarity: [gasps] I believe they're famished for fashion.
Fluttershy: Well, actually, they do want me to regurgitate worms into their beaks.
[keys tapping]
Rarity: Innovative! Who's next?
Rainbow Dash: Make sure you can move whether you're dancing at the festival or after a hat trick.
Rarity: Touchdown!
Rainbow Dash: Uh, that's not what it's called—
Sunset Shimmer: Can't go wrong with a classic.
Pinkie Pie: Classic? You mean like... confetti?
Pinkie Pie: Confetti everywhere! Hmm. Classic Pinkie Pie.
Rarity: Aah!
Pinkie Pie: Oops! Sorry.
Twilight Sparkle: You know what's always in style? Personal responsibility. Earplugs for high-decibel situation, a water bottle, flashlight and compass in case you get lost, the other kind of compass in case you need—
Rarity: And there you have it, my loves. At the end of the day, it's always in fashion to be utterly yourselves. See you at the festival!
David: Eeeech, boring movie, better to watch Star Wars but versions from 1977.
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